User Interface Highlights: WordPress 2.7

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Since I have been using WordPress for this blog, I thought it necessary to talk about its recent enhancements: WordPress 2.7.  It definitely puts a different flair to navigating the panels, which may or may not be good.  Read on for more.

Currently WordPress 2.6 utilizes a tabbed navigation system, with four main ones on the left and three slightly less used on the right.  A limit of seven main choices provides a very simplified blogging experience, with all the necessary tools for the primary blogger within a couple clicks away.  In fact, its arguable that some of these tabs can actually be mashed into one or more, but perhaps seven is quite a decent number.  Sub-tabs are also used in quite a logical order.  Many like this interface and are used to using it for their daily needs.  Given a preliminary look at the new interface, here are my initial impressions from these screenshots.

The Old Header

I like it!  Instead of using a top tabular-design, which is what many of the major applications in the software industry uses, they have chosen to employ a side-tabular system.  The major “tabs” or selections, expand to provide more choices and options giving you more functionality.  What is, perhaps, the most intriguing aspect of this design, is the improvement over loading new screens everytime another sub-menu is selected.  The page (I think) preloads the data of a specific main menu item so that anytime a sub-menu is accessed, it loads instantly on the right side without having to send and resend data back and forth – saving much time and, well, its rather elegant.  After all, writing is an art is it not? 


The WordPress folks are still fixing the nooks and crannys within it, but I’ll be using it when its released.  I just hope that the security issues are even better now.

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  1. Well, sweet… Someone will love this and I can’t wait to tell her about this. Thanks again…

    By jack on Mar 4, 2009

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